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My name is JAY VIZZINI. I am the Founder of VIZZINI'S PIZZA 'n SUBS est. 1977
1370 Cape St. Claire Rd., Annapolis, MD
Located in the Cape St. Claire shopping center
The Tradename Vizzini's Pizza has been used in trade since 1977 by Jay Vizzini All rights reserved
To avoid any confusion Jay Vizzini would like the public to know that he is in no way affiliated with any other pizza shops trading under the name VIZZINI'S PIZZA
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At Vizzini's Pizza 'n Subs we make our own pizza dough fresh everyday and also bake our own breads every day so that you will experience the best Pizza and sub sandwhichs you have ever tasted. We use only the best ingredients for our pizza which include 100% Wisconsin cheeses from GRANDE Cheese Co. There are no other cheeses on the market that compare with GRANDE. The big pizza chain stores don't use it and most independent pizza stores don't want to spend the extra money to buy it. GRANDE CHEESE is the only pizza cheese that Jay Vizzini will put on the top of his pies. You will absolutely taste the difference. Our 8 inch steak sub comes with lots of beef marinated with our zesty secret sauce. "CAUSE THAT"S HOW YOU LIKE IT"
This store is owned by Matt Chapman, a long time Cape St. Claire resident. Matt grew up in Cape St. Claire and came to work at Vizzini's back in the early 1990's and worked his way to management. In 2003 Matt purchased the Cape St. Claire store from Jay Vizzini. Jay was very sure that Matt would be the right owner for this store before he decided to sell to him. Matt brings a lot of new fresh ideas to Vizzini's Pizza 'n Subs. He will be a great Vizzini's Pizza 'n Subs store owner. Say hi to him when you vist the store.
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